How to build an online life coaching business

You have stumbled across the coaching opportunity or online coaching opportunity, and you are thinking, how is it possible to become a full-time online coach?

Glad to have you here on my Highly paid coach blog, in this article, I will paint to you a full picture of how can you utilize your skills, expertise, and gifts, help other people advance in life, and earn a financial income doing it.

I will teach you how do you position yourself as an expert online coach, and share with you a process of how can you enroll your first (higher-paying) online coaching client.

I will also provide you with “the systems” or things to be doing, through which you achieve consistency with your marketing and sales activities, so you can achieve “sustainability” with your life coaching business (and continuous client enrolment).

Let’s begin.



Why would you want to become a life coach?

Here is the thing. Becoming an online coach in this modern era of the internet, social media, and other technology is an ultimate opportunity.

Anyone, who can add value to other people’s lives, can become an online course creator, educator, coach or a service provider.

If you position yourself correctly (your value, coaching offer), build an online presence, and learn a few marketing and sales conversion techniques, you can start being paid for your “life experience” and the transformations you would provide to other people.

The benefits of starting an online life coaching business

Doing this work, you make a great impact on other people’s lives – this provides you with absolute fulfillment, and you fulfill your purpose

You can work from “home”, on your own schedule – which is a great benefit, but a huge responsibility. Working on your own and starting your own business requires a lot of discipline

You can set your own “price” of how much you want to be paid – you can charge your own prices for the value you deliver to others ($1k-$5k or more for your client packages), and the more you increase your demand, the more you can charge

You only need to enroll 2-3 higher-paying clients per month, to earn a full time online income as a coach – and throughout this article I will teach you how to start enrolling them into your practice

Yes, these benefits sound pretty attractive, but hey, to achieve them, it will require from you quite some effort put into your growth …

The benefits of starting a full-time online coaching business

The mindset and sacrifices needed to make

Here are a few things that you will need to take into account, and what you will need to sacrifice to achieve this promised “ideal lifestyle of your own choice” by building an online life coaching business.


Firstly and most importantly, you will need a commitment that you will do anything needed to build up your online practice.

On your growth journey you will be challenged with quite a few “obstacles”, questions, lack of knowledge and experience, that you will need to overcome.

And you will need to be willing to preserve through those, and stay focused to avoid the distractions that life has to provide you with.


Secondly, you will need to turn yourself into a great student. You will need to accept that you become “a learner” of two things:

  1. Improvement of your own coaching expertise – You improving your methods through which you deliver great outcomes to “your clients”
  2. Learning the online coaching industry in-and-out – marketing and sales – Studying the online growth methods, content marketing, sales conversion techniques through which you attract more clients to you

Both of these “knowledge requirements” are equally important. If you don’t know how to do the marketing and sales part, and if you don’t do the work, you won’t ever be able to work with new clients.

At the same time, if you don’t provide other people with “great transformatinos”, they won’t get results, and they won’t recommend more people to work with you and provide you with great testimonials.


With all of that said, the third requirement you will need is having some discipline. To build a sustainable long-term online business, it will require you to do the work.

You will need to become passionate about building your online life coaching presence, content creation, engaging with potential clients, serving them, etc.

And this will require 1-3 hours minimum of your daily effort. If you won’t be able to accept your online coaching business growth activities (and social media marketing tasks) as part of your daily lifestyle – and doing the work – you won’t be able to prosper and get ahead toward your end goal of building a full-time online coaching income.

Now, after I thought you about a few “mindset” requirements that you will need to posses to build your online coaching business, let’s move into clarifying the value that you will be delivering to others.

Decide on the coaching niche in which you will be delivering to people major outcomes

The first step to becoming an online coach is deciding on “the value” or the outcome that you will be delivering to people.

You will need to choose a niche or a segment of people that you will serve.

There exist a few main life aspects in which people need help.

People are looking to live that “ideal lifestyle”, have the perfect life balance in life, and have all their life aspects sorted out!

But hey! To achieve that status of being perfectly aligned with your purpose, have the most happiness, fulfilment and everything “alright” in life, is not that easy!

So, people struggle a lot in all possible aspects of life.

People want to know what to do next in life, they need guidance!

Firstly, I am going to introduce you to a few coaching and course creation niches, and then I will share with you a few questions that you should ask yourself to pick one.

  • Mindset coaching – Spirituality, life balance, manifestations, emotions, confidence
  • Relationships coaching – Dating, marriage, teamwork, leadership
  • Health coaching – Health solutions, weight-loss, fitness
  • Business and Career coaching – Money, business, job promotion, productivity
  • Courses and Hobbies – Instrument, sports, cooking, …
Niches of online coaching and course creation

I have written a separate more in-depth article where I state all the possible coaching, course creation and service providing niches. Read it here.

To choose your niche and identify your “expertise” ask yours the following questions:

  • What are the challenges that you went through and have successfully overcome?
    • ANSWER:
  • What are your current gifts, skills, and expertise?!
    • ANSWER:
  • What are the things that come easy to you – but are harder for others to figure out?
    • ANSWER:
  • Which of those are you the most passionate about?
    • ANSWER:
  • What would you like to be the most known for?
    • ANSWER:
  • If you have already worked with any clients previously, what is that you helped them with, and what are the outcomes they achieved?
    • ANSWER:

Now, decide on the niche category in which you would like to participate as an online life coach. Write it down.

(Example: I help you lose weight by mastering nutrition, optimizing meal planning, and improving your exercising skills)


Deciding on the major outcome, you don’t need to overcomplicate it right now. We just wanted to think about an overall picture of the niche industry that you will be focused on helping.

Creating a signature coaching program

What you will need next is a coaching offer-higher valued coaching program.

There exist a few types of “services” that an online coach can provide other people with – from “mini $7-courses”, $50 per month memberships, $297-$1k courses, $1k-$5k group or 1-1 coaching, or even $5k-$25k masterminds.

Progression from coaching to selling courses passively

But as a starting life coach you should first come up with a middle ground signature package through which you deliver a major transformation to the other person.

We will call this “package” a Signature coaching program. It will consist of:

  • A transformational course
  • 1-1 coaching services (12 weekly 1-1 coaching sessions)
  • FB group support community
  • DM/E-mail support

The price point of this offer should be around $2,000-$4,000.

I wrote a separate in-depth article where I teach how to create a very structured transformational online course and come up with a higher-valued coaching package – The signature program.

You can read it here: Creating a course/signature coaching program

I didn’t want to go that much in-depth with it in this article, so I can focus more on covering the full picture of becoming a full-time online coach.



It's not about "how can YOU get more clients!?" - It's about "How can THEY find/get YOU"!

An online marketing and sales process

I suspect that you understand now how to come up with a higher-valued coaching program/signature course.

If not, please study the above article that I linked for you.

The next thing that you will need to take on now is to build an online presence, and establish a reliable marketing and sales process through which you will attract new potential clients to you.

Getting the first client

If you are just starting out as an online coach, your first major goal is going to be to get your first “higher-paying” client.

Yes, by getting your first client who pays at least $1k-$3k you will gain proof of concept, that someone values your “idea” of how to achieve a promised “major outcome”.

Many people suggest that you should work with a few clients at first for free – which you can!

But I often teach my clients to instead – focus on doing the marketing activities that I will teach you in this article – and with that spot that 1 “hot” client, …

who has got that big desire for achieving the major outcome that you deliver, and also a major problem stopping them to achieve it, and their “urge or desire” is large enough, so they are willing to pay you a large sum of money to help them achieve it!

Definitely, you will need to demonstrate to them that you “have a plan” through which they can achieve it.

And through doing the market research, coming up with the ideas of solutions to the mini problems that people have – you have already earned an “expertise” advantage toward that person, that is worth enough of you charging a higher price – that they will pay!

So, your goal with following the marketing and sales steps that I am about to share with you now, is to aim, that you are going to enroll that 1 ideal client, that is a perfect match to fit your “transformational method” through which you are going to be delivering the results to them.

The marketing process

Nowadays biggest opportunity to attract new potential clients to work with you is by leveraging the internet and online social media world.

Your goal is going to be to establish an online presence and an online client fulfilment system that consists of three things:

  • Online real estate – Your social profiles, a website of yours, landing pages, E-mail marketing system, podcast that you are running and any other brand elements that your potential clients can interact with
  • The audience of potential clients – Followers, subscribers who are interested in the value that you have to deliver
  • And a daily marketing and sales execution routine – You creating valuable content pieces and doing the daily marketing, lead generation and sales work that I am going to teach you about in this article
Online coaching marketing, sales and client fulfilment system

You will aim to establish an internet space or a “buying environment” that allows your potential clients to discover you, recognize your value – and develop a desire to buy!

The main client nurturing element through which you will achieve that is creation of valuable social media content pieces.

You will be demonstrating your “value/solutions/methods” in other people’s eyes (those who desire what you can get them)!

People will consume it, and experience shifts, epiphanies, and mini-breakthroughs!

You will start being seen as an expert and earn their trust.

Helping, helping, helpinggiving, giving, giving will automatically make you desirable and attractive. People will want to have more of you!

Why so?

The right people already desire to have the 1 thing you have, and if you show them that you have it, they are automatically attracted to you!

And if you present them with “an offer” – an opportunity to work with you so they can achieve the outcome/results, faster, with less struggle, with ease – they will love to pay you!

They will value time (figuring all the rest on their own, struggling and learning through experience) over money!

They will want you to apply the solution to their unique situation!

So, your content pieces will nurture people, get them familiar with your methods and the outcomes you deliver, and at the end of your content pieces, you will position CTA’s (Call-to-action sentences) – explaining to people your offer and what to do next (comment below, reply to you, book a call)!

This will drive text/E-mail conversations – which will allow you to speak with potential clients, and continue “the sales conversion process” with them.

Generating DM conversations

I have written a very much in-depth article that teaches you how to put in place the complete “marketing process”. It shows you how to:

  • Position your online personal brand – personal brand story, brand values, brand design (graphics)
  • Establish your online presence – Polish your social media profiles so they convey the right marketing message)
  • How to come up with a content marketing plan, content creation schedule, and how to produce the individual content pieces (articles, videos, posts, reels, stories)
  • How to generate leads – get people to raise hand for your value and express the interest to work with you by positioning CTA’s at the end of your content pieces

You can access it here.

Audience expansion

By creating your content pieces and engaging on social media you will drive sales conversations.

The goal of your social media marketing activities (Creating nurturing content pieces, engaging with your potential clients, and getting them to express interest) is to drive conversations – sales conversations.

But, before I teach you the sales conversion process, I want to show you how can you expand your audience and get more potential clients to become part of your network, so:

  • more people can actually see the content you create,
  • and you can also strike some immediate DM/Text conversations with those who enter your network (even cold ones), and potentially enroll quick clients who need help right now!

Your potential clients already exist. They already have problems and seek similar solutions to yours! They hang out in the same online places, groups, directories, forums, follow your competitors, they search for certain keywords.

There exist a few “audience expansion” methods through which you can utilize those already existing networks of your “potential clients”, and get them to become aware of you – and follow you:

  • Word of mouth client referrals,
  • Manual networking,
  • Casual organic content reach,
  • SEO keywords,
  • JV collaborations,
  • Other Facebook groups,
  • Guest article writing,
  • PR Media,
  • Affiliate marketing
Audience expansion techniques

At the beginning I would want you to focus mostly on “Manual networking” audience expansion technique, through which you can become friends with potential clients manually.

They will become your Facebook friends or Instagram followers.

Manual networking is the most controllable, and also short-term audience expansion method. It allows you to make friends/connections with potential clients immediately.

How does manual networking work is that you access the places where the potential clients already hang out (Competitors’ posts comments, FB groups, LI groups, etc.), and …

When you spot a potential client, you visit their profile and see if they roughly match your ideal client avatar, and if yes:

  • Send out a friend or connection request (FB and LI), people accept it, they become part of your network
  • You interact with their profile (IG, YT, TikTok, other platforms) – like, comment, and react to stories, (sometimes cold DM is acceptable), so they see the notification and follow you back

I explain to you how to execute this process more in-depth in this separate article. 

Where I also teach you how to initiate a text/DM conversation with them from which you can then book a call with those potential clients.

How will you convert the leads into clients

The second part of getting clients online, after audience expansion, content marketing, social engagement and lead generation is, how to actually convert a potential client into a final sale, and enroll them.

By creating social media content, and asking people to take action, you will be able to convert interested leads into sales in two ways:

  • Manual sales conversion – You enrolling each client manually through having a DM conversation with them, and a sales call
  • Passive sales conversion – You sending out E-mails, promoting your Course sales page passively – and people will buy and enroll on their own

Now, if you are just starting out, your better chance of enrolling a higher paying coaching client is through a manual sales conversion process.

Sales conversion

When I started online, I learned how to have DM conversations with people and book sales calls out of those.

This allowed me to speak with people manually, address their concerns about my offer and methods personally, establish connection and trust, and get them to enroll with me as my 1-1 coaching client.

Just later, when I became more established online authority, I was able to learn how to send out E-mail marketing material to people, promote my book, mini courses, or my coaching program, and people would buy it passively, or book a call with me on their own.

I teach my clients who are just starting out to mostly rely on the manual sales conversion from the get-go, so they master it and actually enroll higher paying clients, and don’t just wait for people to someday maybe buy their coaching program on their own.

I explain the manual sales conversion process in this in-depth article that I wrote here.

And soon, I will also write an article of how to build a passive online sales conversion system – Website, landing opt-in pages, course sales pages, and E-mail marketing – so you will be able to build one for yourself.



It's not about "how can YOU get more clients!?" - It's about "How can THEY find/get YOU"!

Execution and doing the work

Now you have learned about 4-main elements of online marketing:

  • Audience expansion – Getting across new potential clients and making them become part of your network
  • Content nurturing – Nurture the audience with your content and drive engagement (CTA)
  • Lead generation – Get your audience “lift up their hand”, express interest in your help/value, enter in a conversation with you
  • Sales conversations – Pre-qualify them in DM conversations and book enrolment sales calls with you
Daily flywheel execution routine

The last thing that you need to do now, is to start putting in the work.

I wanted to simplify the complete execution process, so I created a Flywheel execution method that connects all 4-main elements together and puts them in action!

“The flywheel execution method is a daily/weekly routine of online marketing client attraction execution activities through which you do the work and generate sales results.”

The daily execution routine consists of these tasks:

  • Publish 1 content piece
  • Publish on stories
  • 10-20 new authentic friend/connection requests and interactions
  • Social media engagement (engaging on posts, comments, stories of other people)
  • Initiate and continue DM conversations with potential clients in your network

Your goal is going to be to book out of your day 1-2 hours of time, to do these few tasks.

If you are able to build a discipline and consistency with doing them, you will be able to gain traction of having enough “sales conversations” that will produce sales results.

I explain the daily execution more in-depth in this article here.

Building a life coaching business on long term and short term client enrolment

Hopefully, I have provided you with enough clarity and understanding of how to start and build your online coaching practice.

If I need to share with you one piece of advice here that you should take upon your heart is this:

“Commit to building your online coaching business on a long-term”!

It will take quite some time that you learn and practice all of the marketing and sales techniques through which you will increase the demand of your coaching services, and get yourself booked-out!

So, on your long term growth journey you will want to master and do these four things:

1) Master the daily lead generation and client enrolment

Become great with all of the marketing and sales execution activities that you have learned in this article. If you would need extra help with the execution of it I do run:

  • A daily group accountability mastermind where we work on the 1-hour daily execution routine activities together on daily basis. This is a monthly membership, learn about becoming part of it here: Premium Life Starter
  • Or, if you would need help with building your full online coaching business from the bottom up, or improve it’s elements, look into becoming part of my Premium Life Accelerator group coaching program – and 1-1 work with me.

2) Content creation for long-term search

Start writing keyword-optimized website articles and recording YT videos, so you can ensure to drive massive amounts of traffic to you in the long-term. Allow people who are already searching for your solutions to discover you

I will write a separate article about this process in the early future.

But if you would want to skip and learn it directly from me, you can apply to work with me here.

3) Build a passive online sales conversion system

A system that consists of a website, landing pages, sales pages, E-mail marketing for passive “lead and sales conversion” – Building and setting up this system will allow you to convert the traffic passively. To get help with building it, you can apply to work with me.

Passive online sales conversion system

4) Move from 1-1 client enrolment to group coaching

Learn how to organize group live classes and challenges, where you are speaking to many people at the same time – and make group offers to enroll groups of people into your group coaching program.

I teach a 30-day Online Course Launch Sales Repetition system as part of my Premium Life Launchpad program, you can read more about it here.

As you can see, overall, there are quite a few things that an online coach will need to build and do on his/her online growth journey.

Conclusion and putting it all in action

When I started my online coaching business, I stuck to a simple decision and commitment:

“I will do everything and anything needed to figure it all out, no matter how long will it take, I am going to do this!”

And I kept this promise to myself till now. If you are serious about starting your online coaching practice, make a similar commitment yourself!

I have also recorded a very cool video training which will summarize all that you have learned by reading this blog also in a video format.

  • Deciding on your coaching niche
  • Creating a higher-valued coaching offer
  • Putting an organic online marketing and sales system in place
  • Generating leads
  • Converting the leads into sales
  • Achieving consistency with your execution
  • Optimizing your business for “passive” growth (group launches, team operations, passive website and E-mail marketing system)

You can watch it here.

Thanks for reading this article.

If you have any questions, comment below under this article and ask away.

I would love to help and answer 🙂

Primoz L

Online course launch coach


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