Premium Life Mastermind

Becoming disciplined with the daily marketing and sales execution work is the biggest challenge that all starting online coaches encounter.

Doing or not doing the work consistently separates those who fail and those who actually move the needle and become “successful”.

I have seen too many online coaches struggling with starting to put the work into “action”, so I decided to provide them with the execution accountability environment on which they can lean on, and get the work done.

I am running a daily execution accountability program (Premium Life Starter), which is based on a $29 per 2 weeks membership.

It’s a daily 1-hour group call/meeting where we practice and execute on a 1-hour daily execution routine (Flywheel execution formula).

We practice these 3 main elements of the Flywheel execution formula:

  • Social engagement (making new friendships, interactions with potential clients)
  • Doing DM conversations and booking calls
  • Content creation improvement and lead generation

Daily, all the members do these activities, and I coach them on how to improve doing them.

With being part of the group and attending our daily calls, you will be urged to do the work.

If you are to join our daily group membership, you will also receive a mini Premium Life Starter video course that teaches you how to execute on the daily Flywheel routine correctly.

To learn more about the program, get access to the course and the membership, click VIEW THE PROGRAM


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Written by: Primoz Lazar

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