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How to become a highly-paid online coach with sold-out courses/programs, move away from 1-1 client work, but instead speak to, enroll and work with groups, and also run your online business “part-time”!

I am an online course launch and business coach, and I want to partner up with you as a 6 or 7-figure online coach and teach you 5 leverage moves that will exponentially grow your online business:

  • Position yourself as a high-end coach – Structure your transformational course curriculum well, so it delivers predictable results, charge a higher premium price for it, and attract higher-valued clients!
  • Run group classes/challenges – Instead of enrolling 1-1 clients throughout the whole year slowly, shorten “the client warm-up” time, and run monthly group classes/challenges, after which you enroll groups of clients into your program in one shot!
  • Do JV collaborations and podcasts – Turn up the lead-attraction flow by leveraging other people’s audiences, and fill your classes/challenges faster by doing passive lead attraction JV podcasts and direct affiliate collaborations
  • Run a hybrid coaching program – Stop doing 1-1 work, and instead run Weekly Group Q/A coaching calls, and with that save 80% of time yourself, and have your clients benefit so much more from being part of group community and the questions that other members ask
  • Put operations in place for teamwork – Stop running your business as a full-time job, but instead use 20% of your income to hire a 4 member team that will do most of the ‘mundane’ tasks instead of you!

🏅 I have created a special Premium Life Launchpad program through which we will execute the 5 leverage moves shared with you above. We will:

  1. Set up the complete foundation – Product line (5-day challenge, Hybrid program offer, recurring membership), JV podcast plan, Group community, Opt-in pages, Sales pages.
  2. Run a 30-day Repeatable Sales System – Generating the leads for the Challenge group community, Run live classes/Content marketing and E-mails to sell the Challenge tickets, Run the Challenge to sell the high-ticket offers
  3. Put operations in place for consistent execution – Which tasks to outsource first and how to hire the right teammates who will run your business “passively” (admin and operations, content editing and publishing, intern coach for client support, sales consultant)

Collaboration with me includes my PLL program curriculum and working with me 1-1 to get the system up and running.

I also partner up with you on your ‘group challenges’ and often help you with backend operational tasks – I get paid extra commission on your group enrolments.

(You also get access to my weekly group mastermind Q/A coaching calls, daily execution accountability meetings, and DM/E-mail support.)

The investment for this program is $5,500.

This is minimal compared to the cost of you not being able to “serve groups of clients at a time”, having to do all the work by yourself and not being able to run your online business systematically and passively.

This could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly, and more importantly, it’s costing you your time and freedom!

I am ready to initiate this collaboration right away.

If you would like to Apply for the program please visit the link below and submit your application.



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Written by: Primoz Lazar

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