Premium Life Accelerator

This is an offer of how you can work with me on ‘starting your online coaching career’, creating your signature coaching program (a course), and enrolling your first higher-paying clients for it👇

I am an online business coach for coaches, course creators, and other online entrepreneurs, and I am open to partnering up with you so you can get yourself started online and become a highly-paid online coach!

Working with me through my starter program – Premium Life Accelerator, you will achieve the following:

1) Firstly, create a very structured course/signature program, that delivers 1 specific major outcome to your ideal client, for which you can charge a higher price (Example: $3,000)

We will examine your skills/expertise, identify and decide on “the value” you will be delivering, create a very structured course, and package it into a higher-valued signature coaching program.

2) Secondly, master the online ‘content attraction’ marketing approach and start attracting potential clients via social media to you.

Learn how to produce online content pieces – copywriting and content creation fundamentals (video recording, graphics, re-purposing) to communicate your value and attract the right potential clients.

And lead generation mastery – get people taking action and reaching out. We together will create and publish 5 main content pieces to attract and generate “leads” already in the first month!

3) Lastly, we will get you to Master the manual Sales conversion process, so you can effortlessly enroll your first higher-paying clients for your program!

Doing Text/DM conversations, booking calls, doing sales calls with higher-valued potential clients, and enrolling them.

(I also teach how to achieve marketing/sales execution consistency for continuous client enrolment)

🏅 My program, Premium Life Accelerator is a 6-month course and group mastermind.

It includes a course curriculum, weekly group mastermind Q/A coaching calls, daily execution accountability meetings, and DM/E-mail support.

This offer/collaboration is for you if you are starting out as an online coach and looking to hone down on your expertise/value, create a higher-valued signature course/program, get the first few higher-paying clients for it, and at the end of the day become a highly-valued full-time online coach and do this work as your career. 🤩

You are fully committed to becoming an expert and an authority on your topic, building an online personal brand, accepting social media marketing as part of your lifestyle, producing consistent valuable content pieces, engaging with those who need your help, serving them, and making a social impact!

The investment for this program is only $3,500.

This is minimal compared to the cost of you not working with “higher-paying” clients in the next year – which is over $30-50k.

This investment will provide you with absolute clarity on your value/message, and the ability to continuously attract and accept higher-paying clients for your new course/signature coaching program!

(Our goal is to get you your first higher-paying client already during the first few weeks/months and then 2nd, and 3rd one).

I am ready to accept you into the program right away.

If you would like to Apply for the program please visit the link below and submit your application.



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Written by: Primoz Lazar

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