Welcome! I’m Primoz Lazar, and this is my professional blog. I started it with a mission to help people build a full-time online career as coaches, course creators, or service providers. In my articles, I teach you all the fundamental knowledge pieces and strategies so you can become a Highly Paid Online Coach with Sold-out Courses!

I’m 30 now (2022), and I went through a long 10-year life and professional transformational journey. I lived for 5 years overseas in Australia and that is where I discovered my life purpose. Thereafter I traveled the world (just a bit), and now I got stabilized in a Village house in Europe, Slovenia. I used to be a photographer, filmmaker, and digital marketing consultant for local business owners.

But then I came across the online coaching industry, which I fell in love with.

For the last 2-3 years I have been studying the online coaching industry in depth and I’ve been helping coaches and experts build their online courses and online businesses.

I would love to see you engage with me and participate on my own online business growth journey. On my blog I share many useful resources (explore the menu).

Please feel free to explore around!

For any questions or collaborations opportunities, I am available at [email protected]

Have a great one. Primoz L.


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