Content marketing and lead generation for coaches and course creators

Content marketing (content creation) plays one of the biggest roles in regards to building a successful online coaching business.

Through the content you create and share publicly on your website and social media channels you are speaking to masses and communicating your “marketing message”!

In this article we are going to cover how to put in place a great content marketing strategy to follow weekly and daily, so you establish yourself an attractive expert and authority in the eyes of your potential clients and get more of them desire to work with you!

For this process to work, you will need to already have chosen your coaching niche, have created a signature coaching program, higher valued offer. If you have not done this yet, read the article where I explain you fully how the online coaching business model works, and how to pick your niche, do a market research and create a higher valued online coaching offer.

Let’s begin.



The goal of content creation and attraction marketing

The goal of content marketing is to “generate leads”, discover and attract people who are interested in your solutions.

You will start sharing valuable content on social media – sharing value makes you attractive, it delivers shifts/epiphanies/breakthroughs in people’s minds and increases their desire for your solutions.

We will write content in a way that people will engage, respond to it, and express interest to work with you, and this will drive sales conversations.

Setting up your online personal brand

The first step of building an online presence and being “attractive” is setting up your online personal brand presence – social channels (also advanced passive conversion system), so they convey your marketing message and allow others to take action toward working with you – BIO/ABOUT YOU Call to action link!

Brand identity

The first step of building your online presence is to identify your brand identity.

Your online brand identity very much depends on your “personal characteristics, story, values”. So, we will call it an online personal brand identity. It tells people your story, how have you overcome [the main problem], what is the [solution] that you discovered, who do you help now and how do you help them achieve [the major outcome]!

Brand identity

These are the building blocks that make up your online personal brand:

  • Brand identity/your story (answering on the following questions will allow you to come up with your “personal story” content topics that you will later use for content creation)
    • Life story – Break down your story into a few major chapters through which you have achieve [your major outcome]
    • Experiences – What are the experiences that I have learned on the journey to achieving [the major outcome]
    • Lifestyle benefits – What are the benefits that living a lifestyle with [the major outcome] has to offer
  • Brand values/your marketing message statement
    • I help [WHO] overcome [THE PROBLEM] to achieve [THE RESULT] by [HOW?]
  • Brand personality/characteristics – personal photos and a professional video
  • Brand design/graphics, colors, fonts
    • Creating a logo for your business
    • What are the colors that re-presents you
    • What are the fonts that you will be mostly using? (Choose one from Google Fonts here)
    • What are the visual looks/templates that you will use?
  • Brand elements (social profiles, website, landing pages, social content, comments, DM’s, E-mail marketing, and more …

Optimize your social profiles

Before you begin with this second part of the course, if you haven’t yet, you should first optimize your social profiles in a way that they convey the right message, and provide people with a passive conversion opportunity – a CTA bio link for passively booked sales calls (or other CTA types – join your E-mail list, join your FB group, etc.) – do this through completing this extra lesson.

Optimizing social profiles

Profile and cover photos

You should use a consistent portrait photo across all your social channels. Make sure that the photo is sharp, bright, and preferably you are smiling. It’s important that people see that you are a real person and that you are a professional!

Bio/About description with CTA

Most social platforms have bio/about section. Your bio description should tell the visitors “your marketing message”, who are you, what is that you do, and how can they take action – Call to action link.

Setting up CTA link

From each of the social channels/profiles you will need to be giving to your audience an opportunity to take the next step toward working with you – BIO Call to action Link.

You will want to create “a link/URL” that people can click to join your E-mail list, book a sales call with you, visit your website, explore your other channels, buy your video course passively, etc.) Head to and register. Add this link to all your social channels as the CTA link.

Creating a CTA link

Also, go to and create your Booking page, so people can book a sales call with you after visiting your bio URL. Insert this link to your LinkTree. Use these pre-qualifying questions:

  • What is that you would like to achieve in regards to [the major outcome]
  • What would be the major challenge that’s stopping you from achieving [THE MAJOR OUTCOME]?
  • What have you already tried to achieve it?
  • Is it a now or a later thing for you to move forward with it?
  • Please share how you believe I can help you
  • How willing and able are you to invest into the growth of your business?
    • Not willing
    • Unable but willing
    • Willing and able
    • Willing, able, and excited
  • If we find that I can help you, why should I choose to work with you, what makes you a great “student” 🙂 ?
  • Our call will be hosted on Zoom, make sure to attend the meeting exactly on time. The details will be sent out by E-mail after booking.

Later, add to your LinkTree: FREE VIDEO training lead magnet landing page, your YouTube channel, Facebook group access, your website link, etc.

Content pieces

Content pieces that you publish online are the main value delivery mechanism through which you are going to be communicating your value to your audiences.

If someone checks your 5 last content pieces they need to exactly know

  • who are you,
  • what is the main outcome that you deliver,
  • what are the methods you use,
  • and how can they start working with you.

After you learn about the content types, and how to write them, we will create the first few content pieces and publish them on your social channels.

From that time on, your goal will become consistent with your content creation, so you keep nurturing your social media audience.

Content marketing

Content marketing/creation/copywriting is “communicating through written words” – you are speaking to many.

The goal of online content creation is to communicate your message, demonstrate your value and nurture people.

Content types

I have developed a very simple content creation formula through which you are going to be sharing your message with the public.

The first step to implementing it is knowing what are the 4 things that you will want to achieve by creating “valuable content pieces”:

  • Inspire/Connection – Inspire people about “achieving the major outcome” and establish relatability, connection, and rapport:
    • how have you achieved [the ultimate outcome])
    • demonstrating what is possible/benefits – how does your “daily” life look like now
    • what are the experiences you went through, and what have you learned on that journey
  • Educate/Expertise – Educate your audience in regards to achieving the major outcome and share your expertise/solutions with them. Establish yourself as an expert/authority. This increases your “attraction”!
    • How to solve a problem, how to overcome a challenge
    • educating, shifting limiting beliefs, answering their questions
    • teaching a specific step-by-step mini solution of the ultimate transformational path
  • Promote/Action – Promote your “offer opportunity” and provide the right potential clients with an ability to take action toward working with you (engage, reach out, have a conversation, book a call, visit a landing page)! Explaining your offer and how can they work with you:
    • Sharing a full direct offer explanation
    • Semi-direct offer explanation – explaining the problem it solves, overcoming objections, sharing what is possible to achieve working with you, etc.)
    • Client testimonials
  • Lead generation/Engagement (Short posts, Reels, or Stories with CTA) – Give people an opportunity for an immediate “reaction/engagement” through which they lift up their hand for the value that you have to offer.
    • Lead generation – Ask people to “lift up their hand”, say “ME” for a certain “lead magnet” value that you have to offer (this drives DM conversations)
    • Engagement – Ask people to comment below and ask questions, share their opinions

On top – Entertainment! – Sharing “value” while you are entertaining, upbeat, and “good vibes”! The main point – So, the life energy flows!

You will also be Publishing DAILY on Stories – Stirring the pot and supporting connection/education/promotion

  • Connection: Daily behind of scenes
  • Value: Re-explaining the value
  • Promotion: Asking to take action, lead generation, drive conversations
Content types and topics

Content topics

  • You are going to “inspire, educate and promote” through creating content pieces that are going to be based on certain ‘value-driven “leverage” topics’ that make up your ‘solution to achieving the major outcome you deliver’!
  • What is a “leverage” topic? It’s a topic that introduces a certain valuable leverage idea. An idea which if people implement, know, or follow, produces a mini outcome breakthrough, “aha” moment, basically it “Woows” people.
    • Example of a leverage topic: This is how you can lose weight by exercising more and eating more! – People would be interested in this idea as they will want to know how it’s possible that you can eat more and still lose weight.
  • Creating content pieces, you would ideally want to “publicly” (on social media) cover each aspect of your “solution/methods” and pre-frame people on your “offer/course”, and with all these content pieces start “pulling people toward you”! (And after they actually attend your “sales calls” or even your course, they are going to be already 35% educated on the fundamentals of how your methods work, and will enroll more effortlessly, and later also achieve the results much faster!

TASK: Write out the content topics

For each of the 4 content types categories you will come up with a library of “leverage topics” on which you will write/record/create content pieces and publish them on your social media channels.

  • Inspirational content topics through which you share your personal story of how you have achieved the major outcome, and demonstrate the benefits that come with achieving the major outcome. Example topics:
    • My full personal transformational story described
    • 5 things that I have learned about achieving [the outcome] through my past transformational experience
    • Here is how your future looks like if you are to achieve the major outcome
  • Educational/value content topics through which you educate your audience on “how to” achieve the major outcome and establish yourself as a valuable authority. Example topics:
    • How to develop “passion” toward achieving [the major outcome]
    • The biggest “Leap” (or leverage idea) that you can take toward [achieving the major outcome] is…
    • How to avoid the #1 problem forever
  • Promotional content topics through which you explain how your “coaching program” works and how can they take the next step toward working with you. Example topics:
    • Here’s a sneak peek at my [#1 offer]. Want access to it? Send me a dm or reply to this story
    • How my offer ultimately improves your ability to achieve [the outcome]
    • 4 ways my #1 offer gives transformation to my clients
  • Lead generation and engagement topics through which you give people an opportunity for an immediate “reaction/engagement” through which they lift up their hand for the value that you have to offer. Example topics:
    • If you feel like no one understands your situation, send me a message now – I’d love to help
    • Have you ever struggled with [#1 challenge]? Want help? Reply to this story and I’ll support you
    • If you could wave a magic wand, how would your situation with having [the major outcome] look like? Comment below

Write a list of your content topics into an Excel table. I do have a template of 100’s of content topics for all 4 categories. I will attach it to this article as soon as possible. If you need it earlier, DM me on IG @primozlazar.

Content schedule

Creating content pieces on your topics you will weekly follow a general weekly content schedule, you can adjust it for yourself:

  • Monday – Shift limiting beliefs value
  • Tuesday – Engagement or Client testimonial
  • Wednesday – Lead generation/Offer post (each other week)
  • Thursday – Step by step
  • Friday – Personal story
  • Saturday – Engagement and Pre-writing the content pieces ahead of time
  • Sunday – Outcome benefit

Daily, you will be simply picking the topics from your content topics list and creating content pieces on them (following the content structure formula and different content delivery formats – video, article, short text, carousel, that you are going to learn in the chapter.)

Copywriting – How to create each content piece

Content formats

Before we learn the structure of how to write/record each individual content piece, let’s learn about a few different content formats through which you will share your message (Long-form, short-form – Articles, images, carousels, videos, live streams).

Your content will be published on different social media platforms which all serve a different purpose. There also exist a variety of content formats through which you will communicate and share the message of your content topics on those platforms:

  • Long-form content:
    • Delivery timeframe: 3-minutes onwards
    • Social channels: Website blog, YouTube, E-mail
    • Formats: YT video, Blog article, live video
    • Life span: Long shelf-life, search engine optimized, drive traffic to you endlessly)
  • Short-form content:
    • Delivery timeframe: 10-60 sec – sometimes up to 3-min
    • Social channels: FB, IG, TikTok feed
    • Formats: Image/Carousel/Shorter video with text caption
    • Life span: Only 3-5 days of content shelf-life
  • Instant content:
    • Delivery timeframe: 10-30 sec
    • Social channels: Stories, E-mail
    • Formats: Short videos/reels, Stories
    • Life span: 24 hours shelf-life
Content formats (Videos, posts, articles, Reels, Stories)



It's not about "how can YOU get more clients!?" - It's about "How can THEY find/get YOU"!

Creating each individual content piece

Now after you got familiar with the content types and different content formats, I will teach you the basic framework through which you will be able to create/write each individual content piece.

  • The content topic about which you talk will be changing
  • The content format through which you communicate will be changing
  • But the 4-step content structure will mostly stay the same!

Creating each of the content pieces (short, long text, or even if it is a video recording) you will follow the same 1 general copywriting framework/structure:

  1. Introduction – Open up with a strong message that shares 1 solution to a certain problem/or how to achieve a benefit/desire (1 leverage topic)
    • Respect THIS/THAT rule
    • Example: You will become fit if you only exercise and eat correctly!
    • (”You will be fit” being THIS, “if you only exercise and eat correctly” being THAT)
  2. Elaboration – Address the introduction statement topic and the main insight of what causes it
  3. Explanation Teach and solve the problem – or how to achieve the benefit, drive the topic home
  4. Call to action – Tell people what to do next
Content creation framework

Writing/speaking in a clear, simple, and attractive way

A few tips of how to approach copywriting of the content pieces:

  • Be aware of which social media platform you are writing for:
    • Instagram likes shorter, simple, to the point
    • E-mail, FB, LI, and articles can be longer
  • Keep focus, stick to only 1 topic, and don’t introduce too many ideas, and get sidetracked!
  • Choosing your topic make sure that shares “a leverage idea” – and idea that creates a mini outcome, come from the highest perspective of its meaning, truth, and source.
  • The main RULE – Your copy needs to be simple and clear, so even the 3rd grader can understand it! Check your writing “grade” with the Hemingway app –
  • As you are teaching the whole content, you are creating the “clarification” around the whole piece and each point! – And this is how you gonna Wooow people!
  • Follow a straight line, red thread – Each paragraph needs to build on top of each other
  • Elaborate on each and every “word-phrase” that people might not understand
  • Use spacing, break down your sentences and paragraphs
  • Be conversational, fun, and use emojis – no need to be too formal!

Lead generation

The goal of content creation is to get people to take action

Now, I will teach you the CTA types that we put at the end of content pieces so we can get people to take action (drive engagement, leads, conversations), and then we will learn how to actually create each individual content piece.

Through the content that we create, we will make or ask people to take action. We will do that by positioning a CTA sentence at the end of each content piece that will urge them to either:

  • Comment below,
  • DM us
  • Reply to our E-mail
  • React to our story and send us a message
  • or visit the link:
    • Visit our Bio and access the CTA link,
    • Follow the link that we put directly into the CTA of the content piece (access Free training – build E-mail list), visit the call scheduling page, join FB group)

The goal of content creation and lead generation is to drive conversations. Conversations lead to sales.

Types of CTA’s to position at the end of content pieces

There are 3 different types of CTA’s that will allow us to get people to take action.

Warm lead generation Call to actions
  • Direct promotion – offer/program invitation:
    • Program “container/inclusions” explanation:
      • I also cover, all that I shared above, in my intensive 12-week, 1-on-1 program designed to [achieve the major outcome] through [this specific method]. Send me a DM if you are interested in working together and I will provide you with the details, ask you a few questions, and see if we are the right fit to do this. If yes, we can get started right away.
    • Program benefits/outcomes explanation (A few bullet-points):
      • The enrolment into my Premium Life Launchpad Mastermind is now open. We are going to work on achieving these outcomes:
        • Benefit 1
        • Benefit 2
        • Benefit 3
      • If you would like to join in and become part of it, message me and I will provide you with more details.
  • Lead generation – Someone lifts up their hand, expresses interest, and we continue a warm inbound conversation:
    • Send me a message if you want to get more details
    • DM me the word “FITNESS” so I can help.
    • Comment “ME” below if you want to get more info on working with me
  • Soft engagement – Someone engages, and we reach out to them
    • Ask me any questions about [the topic] below!
    • What’s been the most challenging for you about it?
    • DM me if you get any questions about it, would love to help!

Creating content pieces

The next step is going to be creating your first content pieces.

The principle of content creation will always be the same:

  • Choose 1 content topic
  • Choose a format through which you will share it
  • Follow a 4-step content structure

Now you will want practice how to create a variety of different content pieces:

  • 1 personal story post of how you achieved [the major outcome] and became an online coach
  • 1 leverage value driven content piece where you breaks down your methods of achieving [the major outcome]
  • 1 offer post that explains the container of your offer
  • 1 short video reel
  • 1 story
  • 1 two-step lead generation content piece
  • 1 Facebook live
  • And also:

I am unable to teach and show you how to create each of these content pieces in-depth in this current article, but I am planning to write another one that explains the process for each shortly.

But, I do teach the production of them and the complete execution of this content marketing plan in my group and 1-1 coaching program Premium Life Accelerator.

What is next

Consistently producing valuable content pieces will nurture your audience, get them engage with your content and take that next step toward working with you.

It will generate leads.

To learn how to attract more people to become part of your network and expand your audience so more people can see your content pieces, read this Audience expansion article.

And to learn how to convert the leads that land in your DM conversations into sales, read this article.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post, if you have any questions, please comment below, I would love to answer it and help you out.

Primoz L,

Online course launch coach


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Written by: Primoz Lazar

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