How to convert “interested leads” into sales through DM conversations and sales calls

In this article, I will teach you how can you convert potential clients who you are engaging with, into sales.

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Sales basics and sales straight line

By expanding your audience, creating content, engaging with your audience, and getting them to express interest (comment below, reach out to you, reply to your E-mail) you will drive sales conversations.

There exists a general sales straight line through which you will be taking the “leads” who enter your sales conversations (whether cold, warm, or hot) to the end sale!

No matter which way the conversation was initiated (whether starting with text or directly booked verbal call), there exists a conversation sales straight line through which you will need to move a prospect toward the end “enrolment/sale”.

Sales straight line

A straight line consists of 4-stages:

  • The agenda – Establishing a connection, and understanding why are we talking
  • Qualification process – finding out if the prospect has got the need for your “solution”
  • Presentation – Sharing with the prospect your offer, explaining the outcomes/benefits, the inclusions, and pricing
  • Closing – Negotiation and making the final agreement to work together

Your goal in doing the sales conversations with people is to discover:

  • if they have a desire for [the major outcome] you deliver,
  • how big is their problem holding them back from achieving it,
  • and if your [transformational method/offer] is the right solution for them to advance!

If the need ([the gap]) for your “product/service” exists and is large enough, it’s natural that the compensation in form of a “value-money” exchange will happen!

Doing any type of sales conversations (via text, or verbal) you will need to develop a set of certain sales skills, such as: Communication skills, asking questions, presenting, emotional stability, objections handling, negotiation, building rapport and trust, closing.

Ways of driving sales conversations

There exist 3-main methods through which you will generate sales conversations – to learn more about executing on them read this Content creation article:

  • HOT: People passively book a call with you
    • They find your Calendly booking call on socials and book a call
    • They find your Application form with Calendly link on your website
    • They watch your FREE training video and below they book a call via Calendly
    • They see/receive your E-mail where you are giving them your Application form/Calendly link
    • They watch your stories where you promoted your Application form/Calendly link
  • WARM: People engage/request/reach out to you
    • They saw your content post/reel and most importantly story, where you asked them to reply/DM you!
    • They comment under your content post “ME” and request more information about your value – and you can continue DM conversation with them
    • They reply to your promotional E-mail and request for more details or how to book a call
  • COLD: You authentically/friendly reach out in DM’s to those potential clients who became your friends/followers and initiate a conversation with them



It's not about "how can YOU get more clients!?" - It's about "How can THEY find/get YOU"!

DM/E-mail conversations

Most often, through the content you create, and engagement that you generate, you will get people into your social media DM or E-mail conversations.

DM/E-mail conversations are a mini pre-qualifying stepping stone through which you book a more in-depth sales call consultation, where you can actually make a “sale agreement” for a higher price.

Booking sales calls through DM conversations

There exist 2 types of DM/E-mail conversations:

  • Inbound (warmer) – People who expressed interest from your content lead generation actions
  • Outbound (colder) – Those people who you reached out to and initiated the conversation with
Inbound or outbound DM conversations

The fundamentals of having DM conversations

Before I share with you the scripts and frameworks for both, I would like to share with you what is the goal of a successful DM conversation:

  • Authentically pre-qualify the prospect and find out if they have the problem you solve and the desire for the outcome you deliver
  • If they do, you will invite them to have a more in-depth consultation call with you
  • Let the prospect in DM’s exactly know that your call’s purpose is that you provide them with a “feedback” on their unique situation
  • Agree on a specific exact sharp time for your Zoom call
  • Get the prospects E-mail
  • Make sure that the meeting event details with Zoom link are E-mailed to them
  • Potentially, send them out a Free Training video/offer presentation/or any of your content pieces, to check before the call

DM conversation script

After a conversation was initiated you will follow a strict “DM conversation process/script” through which you will pre-qualify the prospect!

DM conversations example

For both, Inbound and Outbound DM conversations, the process is fairly similar:

  • Introduction message – Connection – Connect and establish a conversation
  • Pre-qualification (Open up)– Find out if they are in your target audience
  • Qualification (Uncover pain) – Find out if they are your ideal client and if they have the problem that you solve
  • Show expertise and invite for a call – Explain how have you overcome that problem, offer to share support, ask for a call
  • Agree on time and book a call – Send the Calendly link
  • Confirm the call – Ask if they have received the notification to their E-mail
  • Reminder – Message them 2-hours before the call and remind them
DM conversation process

To download a full DM conversation script – visit this DOWNLOAD PAGE.

Doing text DM/E-mail conversations with people you will need to be authentic, you are not in it just for “a sale”, but you are genuinely interested in getting to know them and help them. Be conversational in the chat and talk to them as you would talk to your friends – but still operate on a professional level!

Sales calls with higher-valued potential clients

Starting out online you won’t be able to just put up a webpage with your program price and just expect to make a sale when someone visits it, especially not at the beginning when no one knows you.

But, if you book a “face-to-face” virtual Zoom consultation call with a potential client, and get to talk to them, you can establish the connection, gain trust as a “real human”, and agree on the “higher-valued” package collaboration with them ($1-$3k).

Preparation for the call – and sales calls basics

You will want to understand the fundamentals/the rules of having online “sales calls”:

  • Make sure that you remind a prospect 2-3 hours before a call and confirm it with them
  • Be ready 5-minutes before the call with your notepad, sales process script, and offer-presentation document/proposal
  • Start the meeting exactly on time – 5:00!
  • Establish leadership, and authority! You will lead the call. Follow the sales call script agenda!
  • Doing sales call conversations you will need to develop a set of certain sales skills, such as:
    • Communication skills,
    • asking questions, presenting,
    • emotional stability – holding your energy space,
    • objections handling,
    • negotiation,
    • building rapport and trust,
    • and closing – getting down with a final decision!.

Sales call script agenda

On the call, you will follow a 4-step consultation call sales script to “qualify” the prospect and if your “offer/program” will be found as a great fit to help them advance, you will enroll them into it.

  • Step 1: State the agenda – Connect with a potential client and explain to them the agenda of this call.
  • Step 2: Qualification – In this stage, you want to qualify your prospect as a potential client.
  • Step 3: Sharing the feedback and showcasing the expertise – After you discover your prospect’s pain points and desires, transition into getting their permission to share offer presentation
  • Step 4: Offer presentation and closing – Share and present your program offer
  • Step 5: Finalize the agreement
Sales script example

To see the full script in-depth word by word, download it here: DOWNLOAD


By following this 2-step process: DM conversations -> Sales call, you will be able to successfully qualify and enroll a new client into your program.

The main measure of how many daily conversations you are generating, and how many offers you are presenting to potential clients, so you can make more sales, is you actually doing the work.

Read this article where I teach you how to achieve consistency with your daily marketing and sales execution.

I do teach and practice this process more in-depth as part of my Premium Life Accelerator program.

And if you would like to watch a Free Masterclass Video where I explain to you the complete online marketing and sales process more in-depth – access it here.

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