How to get across new potential clients on demand through manual networking – today!

Have you ever wondered how can you as an online coach get across new potential clients on demand?

When I started with my online coaching work, no clients were reaching out to me on their own yet. No-one knew me.

But I was “starving” for new clients. So, I learned the manual networking audience expansion technique, that allowed me to get friends with new potential clients on demand, and begin “sales conversations” with them, book calls, and enroll into my programs.

In this article, I will share with you the exact process that allows you to do just that.

And if you would like to learn how to nurture “generate leads” and get people to “raise hands” out of your existing social media audience, through the content marketing approach, read this article of mine.

Let’s begin.



Your potential clients already exist

Your potential clients already exist.

They already have problems and seek similar solutions to yours!

They hang out in the same online places, groups, directories, forums, follow your competitors, they search for certain keywords.

There exist a few “audience expansion” methods through which you can access those already existing networks of your “potential clients” and get them to become aware of you – and follow you!

Word of mouth, Manual networking, Organic content reach (SEO), JV collaborations, Guest article writing, PR Media, Affiliate marketing

But in this article, I will only introduce you to Manual networking – interacting and making friends with potential clients manually.

Expanding your audience manually by networking will allow you to get more potential clients to become part of your network, so:

  • more people can actually see the content you create,
  • and you can also strike some immediate DM/Text conversations with those who enter your network (even cold ones), and potentially enroll quick clients who need help right now!



It's not about "how can YOU get more clients!?" - It's about "How can THEY find/get YOU"!

Manual networking

Manual networking is the most controllable, and also short-term audience expansion method.

It allows you to make friends/connections with potential clients immediately.

Manual networking works in a way that you access the places where the potential clients already hang out.

For example competitors’ posts’ comments on IG or YT, …

Example of how to engage with a potential client in a comment

Or members of FB groups, LI groups, that are interested about your niche topics …

How to find a potential client in the Facebook group

Your goal will be to look for and spot certain individuals who look like your ideal clients, visit their profiles, analyze them, and if you think they fit your ideal client avatar, you “make a connection”!

Upon visiting their profiles you will make any of these two types of connection requests, or interactions:

  • You will send out a friend or connection request (FB and LI), and people will accept it and with that become part of your network
  • Or, you will interact with their profile (IG, YT, TikTok, other platforms) – You will like and authentically comment on their posts, react to their stories, (sometimes cold DM is acceptable), so they see the notification, then check your profile, and if they like your content “value” they follow you

There also exist a few a bit more advanced manual networking techniques that you could perform in those places:

  • Interact with potential clients in comments (Forums, Blogs, YT comments, IG comments), and you start a conversation with them there
  • Publish your content pieces in FB groups so they attract people to engage with your content in comments – you start a conversation

If you would do enough of these manual networking activities daily (friend requests, interactions), your network of potential clients will grow.

With those who became part of your network, you will immediately initiate authentic DM conversations, and usually, 3% always lead to “immediate sales”.

The rest of people in the audience will keep seeing the content pieces you post, and with time, at least 30% will be taking action and become your clients on long-term.

Manual networking execution

Making friendships

This is the process of making a friendship connection:

Step 1 – Find/open up a certain FB/LI group

Step 2 – Two options to find an individual potential client:

  • Find “Members” section and scroll down to see “New members”
    • Start adding the newest joined members as friends/connections
  • Check the content pieces in the group and analyze those who are commenting, liking the posts (usually those are people who are active and quality real people)
    • Participate in conversations (help, help, help)
    • Send out a friend request to them

Step 3 – Wait till they accept the friend request

Step 4 – Strike conversations with them to establish a personal connection (This will be explained in the next chapters)

You will want to become consistent with adding 10-20 new quality potential clients as friends per day, so your network can start growing.

These people who accept your friend requests will begin seeing your content pieces, and quite a few of them will also reply to your “connection messages”.

Making interactions

The other audience expansion method of manual networking is making interactions with potential clients in comments and on their personal profiles.

This strategy is mostly applicable for IG, YT, TikTok, as those platforms don’t allow you to make “friends/connections” directly, but you will need to achieve, that the other person follows you/subscribes you, and only then they will start seeing your content pieces (and then have conversations with you).

Daily, you should visit your competitor’s profiles and content pieces (on YT, IG, TikTok), and check who is engaging and commenting under their content pieces.

Those people are usually quality real active people and “engagers”.

You will open their profiles in a new tab and engage with their posts and stories – this will get them to receive a notification that you engaged with them, and they will be curious to check your profile and if they will like your content “value”, they will follow you.

To fire up this “interaction” process you will do this:

  • Like a few of their content pieces
  • Leave a meaningful comment
  • You can also follow them if you really like their profile
  • You can also send them a DM message (but most of the people will not see them if they don’t follow you as it will go into their SPAM folder)
  • If they have just published on their STORY, you can react and DM them from there!

This method works for all, YT, TikTok, IG, and also Facebook!

Striking the first conversations

After someone will follow you/or become your friend, you will initiate conversations with them, to simply welcome them and connect, and with some who urgently need help right now, create an opportunity for an immediate “sales conversation”:

  • Go to your FB profile – Friends – Recently added
  • Check who followed you on Instagram daily and message them
  • Same with LinkedIn’s new connections
  • Open each person in a new tab
  • Send them an Intro message
  • Go through the full list until you come to the ones to who you sent the message yesterday
Striking the first conversations

You will be striking new conversations with people every day!

To learn how to continue these conversations and book sales calls from them, read this ARTICLE HERE.


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