1-hour daily execution routine through which you “generate leads”

In this article, I will teach you the 1-2 hour daily execution routine of “marketing and sales activities” that you should be doing daily to generate sales results for your online coaching business.

To make your daily routine work, make sure to understand and read the following articles first:

If you have studied and read them, you are now ready to become consistent with your weekly content creation, social engagement, and sales activities.

Let’s begin.



Flywheel execution method

I created a weekly formula through which you will systematically need to do the required work.

I simplified the complete marketing and sales process, and created a Flywheel execution method that connects all 4-main elements together and puts them in action!

Flywheel execution formula

The flywheel execution method is a daily/weekly routine of online marketing client attraction execution activities through which you do the work and generate sales results.

Its purpose is to attract new potential clients to discover you, and move them from:

  • being “cold – just found out about you”,
  • to “warm – they are aware of you”,
  • to “hot – about to become your client”,
  • to finally, “being your client!

The flywheel execution formula consists of a set of “marketing/sales” tasks that you should be executing on daily basis:

  • Networking,
  • content creation,
  • social engagement,
  • conversations,
  • sales calls
    • business management activities.



It's not about "how can YOU get more clients!?" - It's about "How can THEY find/get YOU"!

Daily Flywheel routine

In 1-2 hours (or more) per day, you will:

  • Publish 1 content piece
  • Publish on stories
  • 10-20 new authentic friend/connection requests and interactions
  • Initiate DM conversations with those who accept or follow him
  • Social media engagement (engaging on posts, comments, stories of other people)
  • Follow-up with warm leads
  • Other business management activities

Weekly content schedule routine

You will also have in mind your weekly content creation schedule, so you exactly know what types of content pieces to post daily:

  • Monday – Shift limiting beliefs value
  • Tuesday – Client testimonial
  • Wednesday – Lead generation/Offer post (each other week)
  • Thursday – Step by step
  • Friday – Personal Story post
  • Saturday – Pre-writing the content pieces ahead of time
  • Sunday – Lifestyle to value post

Daily routine optimization

The main tool through which you are going to execute on the Flywheel execution method is your daily routine!

“Your daily routine is the key to achieving your dream.”

If you can systematize your daily routine and are able to do the execution tasks that The Flywheel formula requires from you, over and over again consistently – the compounding effect will hit in and you will generate the desired results.

So, think about the most optimal daily routine that you can execute and rely on daily.

In both Work time slots schedule-in all the “online marketing” tasks that you need to complete daily.

Daily routine schedule:

  • Wake up
  • Walk/Exercise/Workout
  • Breakfast and shower
  • Work time slot 1:
    • Write 1 content piece and publish it
    • 1-hour of social engagement
    • Publish on stories
    • Client coaching calls
    • Business management tasks
  • Lunch
  • Work time slot 2:
    • DM/E-mail conversations and booking calls
    • Sales calls
    • More social engagement
  • Dinner
  • Sleep

Having a routine in place will ensure your productivity and consistency in completing the work.


3-phases of execution

Starting out as an online coach, you are going to go through 3-phases of execution:

  • Phase 1 – Making your way and achieving consistency
    • Manual networking
    • Reaching out to people
    • Booking sales calls through “Out-reach” DM conversations
  • Phase 2 – Becoming recognized and attractive
    • By posting content consistently you establish an “expert status” and recognition
    • Engaging with social audience and creating “warm” conversations
    • Generating leads and interest from the created content – People expressing interest in value by commenting below or reaching out to you directly

(If you would like to learn how to execute these first two phases – visit this Premium Life Accelerator article)

Phases of execution
  • Phase 3 – Having overflow of clients and being oversubscribed (If you would like to learn how to execute group course launches – visit this Premium Life Launchpad article)
    • Having an overflow of “demand”
    • Enrolling groups of clients
    • Building operations and putting the team in place

Achieving consistency

You will want to become active and start putting in the work.

Going through the first phase of “making your way”, you will need to become consistent with the execution of the daily Flywheel routine.

Becoming disciplined with the daily marketing and sales execution work is the biggest challenge that all starting online coaches encounter.

Doing or not doing the work consistently separates those who fail and those who actually move the needle and become “successful”.

Do this next

I have seen too many online coaches struggling with starting to put the work into “action”, so I decided to provide them with the execution accountability environment on which they can lean on, and get the work done.

I am running a daily execution accountability program (Premium Life Starter), which is based on a $29 per 2 weeks membership.

It’s a daily 1-hour group call/meeting where we practice and execute on a 1-hour daily execution routine (Flywheel execution formula).

We practice these 3 main elements of the Flywheel execution formula:

  • Social engagement (making new friendships, interactions with potential clients)
  • Doing DM conversations and booking calls
  • Content creation improvement and lead generation

Daily, all the members do these activities, and I coach them on how to improve doing them.

By being part of the group and attending our daily calls, you will be urged to do the work.

If you are to join our daily group membership, you will also receive a mini Premium Life Starter video course that teaches you how to execute the daily Flywheel routine correctly.

To get access to the course and to the membership, visit this article here.

And if you would like to watch a Free Video Masterclass where I explain to you the complete online marketing and sales process more in-depth – access it here.

If you have any questions, comment below under this article and ask away.

I would love to help and answer 🙂

Primoz L

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Written by: Primoz Lazar

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