Premium Life Launchpad Collaboration Offer

Have you already achieved a certain greater level of success with your online coaching business?

You already have enough clients to work with and you have already achieved a satisfying level of client demand, but you are asking yourself …

‘How can you optimize your online business for more “passive operations and growth”?’

So, you could run your online business semi-passively.

I have a proposition for you.

I would like to partner up with you, work with you in a long term, and help you put these few elements in place:

Build an ascension product value ladder

  • Free lead magnets
  • Group challenge (Free or paid)
  • Group coaching program ($2-$5k)
  • 1-1 high ticket group program ($5k-$10k)
  • VIP mastermind ($10-$20k)
  • Extra:
    • Mini courses for passive sales
    • Recurring membership

Group client enrolment

Move away from enrolling clients individually and enrol groups of clients in one shot

  • Establish a Facebook group community (E-mail list)
  • Run weekly FB/Zoom live classes for nurturing and Early-bird client enrolments
  • Pre-launch live classes (A few in row – more condensed) to “sell-out” the tickets for a group challenge
  • Run a 5-day Group challenge and allow people to apply for a group coaching program
  • Enrol and run a group coaching program

A passive sales conversion system

Provide your audience with an opportunity to take the next step toward the end sale on their own

  • SEO optimized Website Blog and YouTube channel (Keyword research)
  • Opt-in landing pages
  • E-mail marketing welcome E-mails and sequences
  • Course sales page with the application form
  • (Challenge opt-in and Sales page)

Content management system

Re-purpose your content, increase the quantity of posting and achieve omni-presence

  • Content scheduling
  • Content editing and re-purposing
  • Content “ghost” copywriter
  • Content publishing on all social media channels

Run a JV podcast

Expand your audience reach and leverage other people’s audience

  • “Two-way conversation” podcast
  • Leverage other people’s audiences
  • Content re-purposing
  • Form JV Affiliate collaborations with those who are the right fit

Team operations

Establish a small team who helps you run your operations:

  • Admin tasks
  • Content editing and scheduling
  • Intern client success coach
  • Sales consultant for client enrolment
  • or any other needed service provider …

Any of these elements put in place can massively move the needle in your business.

These are program inclusions and collaboration propositions:

  • We will put in place all the program deliverables – the elements described above
  • Technical work will be managed by me and “Done-with-you” (until we employ other people)
    • Content editing, management and posting
    • Copywriting touch-ups
    • Articles/YT videos Keyword optimization
    • Managing the technical elements of the system (website, landing pages, payment processors, etc.)
  • “Unlimited” collaboration, partnership and 1-1 coaching – We meet daily, or every few days
  • Goal of our collaboration:
    • Build the system
    • Optimize your business for passive operations
    • Get massive “sales-result” so our project becomes my BEST CLIENT TESTIMONIAL

The price investment is mid 5 figures and will be privately discussed on our Application call.

Our collaboration will be a longer-term partnership and also results-based (commission).

If this “offer idea” resonates with you, I would love to meet you, learn about your current business foundation and your vision.

Feel free to answer a few “application questions”, and schedule a call with me, so we can discuss this collaboration opportunity.

Do it HERE.

Or if you have any questions, you are welcome to send me an E-mail to [email protected]

Best regards, Primoz L.

Written by: Primoz Lazar

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