The biggest difficulty that you will be challenged with when starting with your online coaching journey

The biggest difficulty that you will be challenged with when starting with your online coaching journey is:

#1 – To know how exactly social media for client attraction works,

#2 – and actually doing the “marketing and sales” activities consistently for long enough, so you can achieve predictability with your client enrolment.

The simplest answer that I have for your right now to explain to you how social media client attraction works is to introduce you to these 3 things:

⭐ Social media networking

The first step to getting your first online coaching client is going to be to master social media networking.

Your potential clients already exist and congregate in certain online places where they are already seeking solutions to their problems – Facebook/LinkedIn groups, they follow IG or TikTok competitors of yours.

If you visit those places, engage with them there, and send them a friend/connection request or interact with them – so they visit your profile, learn more about you, follow you/accept your friend request, you will be expanding your network of potential clients.

By making manual networking connections you will be expanding your audience/following, so more people will start seeing your content pieces, and you will also be able to welcome them in your network with the introduction welcome message, and with that strike/create authentic private DM conversations with them (more about conversations in step 3)

⭐ Content creation

You will speak out your message through the content you create and publish on social media (written posts, video reels, stories, going live, E-mail newsletter, etc.)

Posting content consistently nurtures your audience and gets them familiar with who you are, what is that you do, what can you help them with, and what are your methods through which you do that.

At the end of your content pieces you will also position “CTA – Call to action” that will ask them to take action (comment below, DM you, book a call with you)

⭐ Conversations

Networking with potential clients online and creating content pieces will drive text conversations (DM, E-mail, in comments).

Doing these conversations you will be asking questions and learning about your prospects’ desires and challenges. You will be able to uncover them, show them your expertise, and invite them for a call.

You will book sales calls, on which you will be able to get to know your potential client more in-depth, and if you find out you can help them, you will enroll them into your coaching program.

After you get familiar with these 3 methods and know how to do them, the last thing that is missing and will make it all work is Execution!



It's not about "how can YOU get more clients!?" - It's about "How can THEY find/get YOU"!


You will only make your online coaching business grow, if you do the 3 things shared above daily, and consistently:

Networking with new potential clients, creating content pieces that nurture your audience, and doing DM conversations through which you will be booking calls.

You will need to accept this type of social media work as part of your daily lifestyle.

Imagine, starting any type of business, there is required your full “dedication/commitment” to it! Otherwise, your business won’t grow.

To be frank, you will need to do minimally 1-3 hours of those 3 activities per day!

For example:

– 20-min for content creation and publishing (if you do it fast and effortlessly),

– 20-min to make 3-10 new networking interactions (friend requests) from certain FB groups per day,

– 20-min to message and welcome your new friends/connections and continue DM conversations with them to book calls.

And the goal will be that you actually do them daily. Over and over again.

Ask yourself, how can you optimize your daily routine in a way that you assign 1-2 hours per day to just doing these social media marketing activities.

You will need to create a slot in your daily routine that will allow you to get into your “productivity zone” and do the social media marketing work.

You see, knowing which 3 activities to do daily, and how to do them, and doing them consistently day in and day out, was the key 🔑 …

… for me to build my full-time online coaching practice and so I can enroll new clients into my coaching program, or group mastermind, consistently daily, weekly, monthly –

and I can have a full-time online income from doing just this work that I love the most!

Become part of a daily support group

And because I recognized that many starting online coaches struggle with doing these social media marketing activities correctly and consistently, I decided to organize a daily co-working support group where we “do the work together”.

We meet on daily basis, 1 hour per day, Mon-Fri, and do content creation, social engagement, and conversations together, so we hold each other accountable and by that achieve consistent ‘client attraction’ results!

Becoming part of the group you are also provided with 2x short educational videos and all necessary resources (content topics, DM script, Sales script, etc.)

In 1-hour per day, we do the daily minimal work together (which you’d need to do anyway on your own if you want to get consistent results with your online coaching business growth), and are also learning the correct approach to doing it.

To learn more simply visit this page, fill in the application, schedule a call with me, and we will speak further.

Let me know in the comments if you have learned something new by reading this post 😇


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Written by: Primoz Lazar

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