Do you know that when people buy your coaching services, they are buying themselves peace of mind?!

Do you know that when people buy your coaching services, they are buying themselves peace of mind?!

All they want is emotional relief, …

If you can ensure them that they will achieve it by working with you, they will hire you, and pay you.

For example, today I took my car in for service.

The mechanic looked my car over, he pointed out the things that are working well, and we discussed the things that will need to be fixed next.

I was so happy with his service and detailed answers about the health of my car that I tipped him some extra cash.

Why did I do that? And why was I so happy to pay?

Because through our conversation I was assured that my car is still safe to drive and won’t let me down because it is serviced well.

I achieved peace of mind over my car’s safety – and me enjoying my ride without any worries!

It’s the same with you attracting more coaching clients and providing them with your services.

Your job with your marketing and sales is to communicate to potential clients that you are the one who understands them,

you have the answers to get them to overcome the challenge that they have…

and that you can help them achieve the outcome they desire, and “peace of mind”!

And the more they believe you that this will happen, the bigger the chance of them hiring you.

So, how do you as an online coach increase people’s belief in your services?

You will communicate your expertise to them through a variety of social media content pieces that you create and publish online.

Inspirational, educational, and promotional content pieces.

(And also through private sales conversations that you will have with them.)

But mastering and doing this online client attraction and sales conversion correctly is usually quite a large challenge for most online coaches.

And not being able to get more clients to pay you can be frustrating.

Luckily there are people like me, who can help you achieve peace of mind by enrolling more clients utilizing social media and the internet.

My coaching program is called Premium Life Launchpad, it is a 3-6 month 1-1 coaching and group mastermind container that will help you become a successful full-time online coach.

It includes 1-1 coaching sessions, a comprehensive course curriculum, and daily productivity and group mastermind meetings.

Going through this program you will:

  • Create a higher valued coaching offer/course/signature program that delivers a major outcome to another person and you can be paid $2-3k for that package
  • Master creation of client attraction content pieces that nurture your audience and get them to take action toward hiring you
  • Have authentic conversations with the leads that you generate and enroll them into your coaching program effortlessly
  • Learn the audience expansion methods (SEO traffic, leverage FB groups, running a podcast, …)
  • Build an online passive sales conversion system (Social media and SEO traffic to E-mail list, course sales page)
  • Learn how to launch a group coaching program (enroll a group of clients in one shot)

Going through my program you will become consistently successful in producing your social media marketing activities, to achieve predictable monthly client enrollment…

and continue doing your coaching work with passion – and peace of mind.

This package is $3,500, but this investment is low compared to the opportunity that you are going to create for yourself, so you can be enrolling $2-3k clients on a monthly and weekly basis.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to receive more details about my program and see how it will give you peace of mind as you build your coaching practice in the new year, simply DM me here on FB.

Or fill in this application form and schedule a direct call with me: Premium Life Launchpad Application

Written by: Primoz Lazar

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