Communicate your message clearly through the content you create

How would you like to clarify your way of writing social media posts, emails, recording videos – communicating your message with your audience so you nurture them, and get them to take action and buy your coaching services from you …

I am running a $7 per month Content Client Attraction Membership where you will learn a method of writing/creating content pieces that get you coaching/course clients attracted to you.

As part of it, you will go through a few content creation and copywriting exercises at your own pace, receive my personalized copywriting feedback, be coached, and get your questions answered on our weekly live calls (btw… this $7 per month membership is like a full-blown high ticket group coaching program – you shouldn’t miss on the value I am delivering you with! :))

Immediately after registering you will be able to start completing the first few tasks (writing out your value statement, choosing the topic, and writing the introduction for your first content piece using my templates, write your first content piece, write another one without any templates, etc… until you master writing through my method and can write each new content piece in 10-min or less, so you can then become consistent with your social media content creation.

The goal is that you improve your way of communicating your message through content creation, copywriting, recording videos, and going live, so your audience starts taking action toward working with you and hiring you.

Visit this $7 per month Content Client Attraction Membership registration page to get more info and start at your own pace.


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Written by: Primoz Lazar

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