The difference between $7 or $49 per month Build your Paid Community Memberships

I wanted to explain the difference between my $7 per month membership or the $49 per month Build a Paid Community Membership – The goal of both is that you run a paid community subscription that your “tribe/audience” can be part of and have a recurring income from it.

$7 per month is the base membership which provides you with all you need to create and build your own paid community membership for which you charge your audience monthly subscriptions (Create your membership offer, put up the sales page system and membership course area with community, attract the first members into your membership via content).

Yes, as part of the $7 per month membership you get access to my Full Course that teaches you how to do all the above.

You also get to submit your questions on a weekly basis to me and listen to my live streams where I answer all your questions.

Basically, the $7 per month provides you with all the steps you need to take, community access (FB group), and access to live streams.

The $7 per month membership is designed for you to complete this course on your own, a little more passively.

But if you would like to get much more support and accountability, you can join the $49 per month Group Mastermind.

As part of the group mastermind you will be part of a weekly group mastermind meeting (actually 2x per week, I am running 2 slots, so we can be moving forward faster) where we do the work together.

In a group environment:

– I check on each member,

– I analyze your work and provide you with feedback (for example: What kind of Topic did you choose for your membership offer, how you designed your course, how your sales page looks like, how are you writing your content pieces to promote your membership – Copywriting and Content creation feedback, etc…),

– I answer your questions live on our call, you are able to talk to me

– We brainstorm new solutions/ideas as a group

Basically, you are part of the tribe, an interactive community mastermind!

You won’t get to be part of this “interactive” experience as part of the $7 per month membership.

And most importantly, as part of the $49 group you will be held accountable. It’s mandatory to attend our weekly calls, otherwise you are out… You are urged to do the work. And if you just stay in, do the work, and keep moving forward with us, you will get results!

The goal of you being part of this group mastermind is that you can put your membership up, get 10-20 members into it, and you solidify your new membership group community, and then keep building it up – so you can have a recurring income.

If interested in the process I teach in both memberships, I do have a 10-min FREE video explaining what’s the benefits of you running a membership community, what’s required for you to do to build it up, etc…

You can get the VIDEO HERE.


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Written by: Primoz Lazar

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