How I built a group of 20 people who pay from $49 to $97 a month for my weekly group coaching calls!

I will show you how I built a group of 20 people who pay from $49 to $97 a month for my weekly group coaching calls!

Read this post to the end so you can access a video where I explain you a model through which I built this community, so you could use the same principles that I will teach you, and go through the same steps to build your own group membership community of people who you can serve, help them, and be paid recurring membership subscriptions from them!

Using this model that I am going to show you will allow you to start having a part time recurring income, which will provide you with stability in your business, peace of mind, and you will be able to continue building it, growing it on top, and expanding your community, your income, while working only “part-time”!

Yes, this model allows you to only work 1-3 hours per day (serving your group community, working with 1-1 clients here and there, running 1 weekly group coaching call, and doing regular marketing/sales activities (writing daily content piece, engaging with your audience, chatting with potential clients via DM’s/E-mails, taking occasional 10-min sales calls through which you enroll new members into your “recurring subscriptions”!

On top of having 10-20 people on your monthly subscriptions, and getting new members who pay you monthly, you will also be able still able to sell to some of them higher-priced packages, where they pay $1k-$3k upfront for longer access to your membership community, and to also get your 1-1 support!

So, with this model you will be able to run your “coaching business community” semi-passively with having people on monthly recurring subscriptions, + make more money and be paid well by selling a few high ticket packages per month on top!

But the key here is, that you won’t ever need to worry anymore where “the next client” will come from. People will be staying around as part of your membership, group coaching community, and automatically keep paying you money monthly. And on top, here and there you will through your Content Posting attract that 1 or 2 high ticket coaching clients per month anyway!

And on long term, you will just keep being consistent (working daily passively with passion) with serving your community, doing marketing activities (posting content, sending E-mails to your list, showing up in your free FB group, etc…), and all of this will create “Attraction”. It will get people ‘raise hands’ and this will drive “sales conversations” or people clicking on your membership “order page link” and more people will be joining your “membership program”…

The compounding effect will be kicking in and your monthly subscriptions will keep compounding – while you working no more than in the beginning… You will just keep showing up for your community the same way as always, doing your weekly group coaching call, but the “money/subscriptions” will keep growing, you are serving groups.

If you would like to watch a VIDEO of how I built a 20-member group community of people who pay me from $49-$97 per month for my course and my weekly group coaching calls, click here and watch it!

Written by: Primoz Lazar

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