This is how you can build a paid community membership and start having recurring income from it

This is how you can build a paid community membership and start having recurring income from it:

– You want to have a mini membership ($7-$49 a month) where you help people solve the juciest problem they have on their full “high-ticket” transformational journey… If you only can solve them this 1 juiciest problem, they will want to continue working with you anyway and some of them will become your high-ticket clients as well!

– You want to develop some kind of a 3-step method that you will be teaching as part of this membership’s course, they applying this method will be able to achieve that mini outcome result

– You will also do live group calls (i.e. Zoom FB Lives) weekly, or monthly, where you can provide your membership audience with extra support – and create/establish that connection!

– After you have now this Membership offer – Outcome, Inclusions, Price, you want to build a Registration Sales Page, backend Membership Area and create a FB group community

– People will be able to land on your Sales page, and enroll into your membership passively on their own, you can also create an order bump where they can claim a very cheap “coaching session” with you – which also can serve you as a paid strategy/sales call! 1 out of 3 people schedule these calls. And this way you can also speak to people and have them enroll then in your High ticket Offer, if they are fit for it

– After they register, they will get immediate access to your Course Members Area and begin with their studies, participating in FB group community and attending your group coaching calls for more support.

– You will be getting new members into your Membership via Content you are posting on social media! I teach the Content Client Attraction Method – which is a way of posting social media content that gets new membership/coaching clients attracted to you!

– You posting content on social media/sending out to your E-mail list will be getting people to engage, comment, message you, click the link … This will generate a lot of DM conversations

– I have developed a 3-step DM/E-mail conversation Script Template through which you will be able to enroll a new member who expressed interest in your membership just via DM’s

Following this process of Having a membership and Posting content on socials, you will be able to enroll 2-3 people per week into your membership!

Imagine adding 3 people per week, for months to come into your membership! The long-term compounding effect will have a massive impact on your online coaching practice!

… I have a special invitation for you! I just started running a beta test founding group mastermind where we meet on a weekly basis and build our memberships together.

After I have successfully built my first membership, I have now gathered all my resources, templates, and created a step-by-step mini course teaching you how to create your own membership.

I show you how to come up with your 3-step method, give you sales funnel and membership area templates, so you can charge recurring income via PayPal or Stripe, and you will learn how to attract new members into it via Content you post on social media.

If you would like to get more info about our Beta test group mastermind, and how it all works, register for my $7 per month Build your Paid Community Membership, and then you will also receive more info about our group mastermind meetings.

Register for it here.


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Written by: Primoz Lazar

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