Weekly Content Plan Routine

Consistently posting on social media (IG, YT, FB, etc…) and sending E-mails out to your E-mail list will nurture your existing audience, and attract new people to follow you!

You being consistent with content creation you will attract more interested people into your world! Your content will move them and get them to take action!

By posting content you are communicating your message/value to other people, and with putting a proper CTA at the end, you are telling them what they could do next/what kind of action to take,

… to get closer to achieving the outcome they desire – to get more help from you, to work with you, etc…

Consistent weekly content creation will:

– Build your authority

– Grow your social media following

– Get people engage with your content (ask questions)

– Get people take action (CTA), take that next step

– Generate leads and Nurture your existing community members

Weekly you should be posting content on these topics:

– 1 personal story – Connection post

– 2 value driven videos/posts

– 1-2 lead generation posts

– 1-2 promotional posts

You will be posting through a variety of different “content formats” (Stories, Reels, YT Videos, Posts, E-mails),

and writing content/recording videos through a Content Client Attraction Copywriting Method (Intro, The Plot, CTA)

I will record a proper Long Form Video explaining this method more in depth ASAP.

But tell me, what’s your biggest challenge with posting content?

A) Knowing how to produce content (copywriting, recording videos)

B) What to talk about in your content

C) Being consistent with creating and posting

Written by: Primoz Lazar

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