How to create a course and a higher valued signature coaching program

Throughout this article, I will teach you how can you create a higher-valued online coaching program or a course.

If you are new to online coaching, consider reading this article where I explain to you how to build a full-time online coaching business first.

Let’s begin.



Choosing the niche/Deciding on the major outcome that you will be delivering

I am not sure in which stage of “starting your online coaching practice” you are, but if you are just choosing your “niche”, there exist a few overall categories in which you can help other people advance in life (To see examples of 100’s of online coaching niches, read this article):

  • Mindset – Spirituality, life balance, manifestations, emotions, confidence
  • Relationships – Dating, marriage, teamwork, leadership
  • Health – Health solutions, weight-loss, fitness
  • Career – Money, business, job promotion, productivity
  • Hobbies – Instrument, sports, cooking, …

If you find yourself being good in any of these aspects of life, and you are just 1 or 2 steps ahead of another person, you will be able to “monetize” your skills, knowledge, and value!

To choose your niche, identify your “expertise” by answering the following questions:

  • What are the challenges that you went through and have successfully overcome?
    • ANSWER:
  • What are your current gifts, skills, and expertise?!
    • ANSWER:
  • What are the things that come easy to you – but are harder for others to figure out?
    • ANSWER:
  • Which of those are you the most passionate about?
    • ANSWER:
  • What would you like to be the most known for?
    • ANSWER:
  • If you have already worked with any clients previously, what is that you helped them with, and what are the outcomes they achieved?
    • ANSWER:

Now, decide on the niche category in which you would like to participate as an online life coach. Write it down.

(Example: I help you lose weight by mastering nutrition, optimizing meal planning, and improving your exercising skills)


Deciding on the major outcome, you don’t need to overcomplicate it right now. We just wanted to think about an overall picture of the niche industry that you will be focused on helping.

Identify the value that you will be delivering to people

The first step of creating a higher-value signature program is to identify the value that you will be delivering to other people and with that a certain major outcome, for which you will be paid.

The value that you deliver to others is identified by the size of the challenge (or a problem) that you help them overcome.

The size of the gap, that’s standing in front of them preventing them to achieve the desired outcome on their own.

The gap between a current and desired situation – ideal client

Now, after you know about an overall outcome you will be delivering to people, your goal will need to identify the value.

And do to that, you will need to get clear on two things:

  • What is the exact outcome that people want to achieve – Their desired situation (point B),
    • Desires they have about it
    • Outcomes they want to have
    • Benefits/life of ease they want to achieve
    • How do they want to feel/be
    • What are the things that will be “right” for them!
  • What is the struggle [the gap] preventing them to achieve it – Their current situation (point A)
    • All the problems they have
    • All the questions they have
    • All the knowledge pieces needed to learn

The better you can identify both points, the clearer will the gap be, and the better solution you can prepare for your ideal client.



It's not about "how can YOU get more clients!?" - It's about "How can THEY find/get YOU"!

The steps to identify the gap

Follow these steps to identify the gap:

  1. Write out on an empty piece of paper (or Excel table) all people’s desires
  2. For each of the desires, write out all the problems that are stopping them to achieve them
  3. Create solutions for each of the problems that they are dealing with.

Nutrition example for a desire to be fit, lose weight, eat healthy and energetical food:

Problem Solution
Not knowing the weight loss fundamentals How losing weight and staying fit actually works
Not familiar with nutrition and what types of foods to eat Understanding nutrition and Knowing exactly what types of foods to eat to be fed and energized
Buying healthy groceries is hard and expensive How to buy healthy food for less than your current grocery bill
Lack of motivation and accountability Developing a strong unshakable character driven for growth and progression + Getting an accountability partner
Having busy schedule, family and no time to workout The 20-min per day Exercise routine that is fun and uplifting

You will fill the table with all the topics of people’s problems and questions they have in two ways:

  • The basic way – brainstorming the topics on your own, out of your own knowledge,
  • and an advanced way – doing online research and learning directly from your audience – (Keyword research – seeing exactly the “questions” that people are looking to get the answers to)

The second more advanced process requires a much more in-depth explanation, which won’t be part of this article, but I will write a separate in-depth market research article in the early future.

After we fill out the table, we will also organize all the “solutions” into a consequential order by which people should “learn” them (of how people “should ideally go through them”) to progress from Point A to Point B, and achieve the outcome in the easiest and fastest way.

These solutions will be then organized into a structured course transformational outline.

Knowing the ideal client avatar

Another important element to get clear on while researching “the gap” is to discover who is the most ideal person that wants to achieve [the major outcome].

Knowing and getting to know your ideal client will help you to “know them better” than they know themselves. You will be able to clearly speak to them in the social content you create and with that attract exactly those who you can serve best.

It is also going to help you to engage with just those right people on social media who “look like” your potential clients.

Creating an Ideal client avatar you will want to get clear on:

  • People’s personal characteristics (gender, age, job, family, etc.)
  • Who is the most empowered version of the client:
    • They have a “large-enough gap” – problem to solve to work with you through your course
    • Is exactly at Point A and wants to Point B!
    • They are energetically the right fit
    • High-level person – has got sorted out most of the life aspects, except this one (or two) that you will help them with
    • They have money to spend for this transformation
    • Fast to move forward/achieve results simple and fast

Creating a signature coaching program

Now, after you have identified the value and the solutions you will be delivering to your “ideal client”, you will want to organize them into a structured transformational course.

Course structure fundamentals

We have identified the value, we know people’s desires, we identified their problems, and we came up with rough solutions through which they will be able to achieve the outcome.

Now, we will want to organize the solutions into a consequential order through which people will be taking action step-by-step and achieving the “outcomes” – This framework/process is going to become your course curriculum.

You will be able to work with your clients through this framework 1-1 to begin with, then create slides, record videos, run a group course, create a hybrid version of your program, …

Understand this simples course structure:

  • Top layer – MODULES/DELIVERABLES: 3-5 major modules/steps that drive “1 major outcome” home
  • Mid layer – LESSONS: Each module, 4 lessons – that drive each module/step home
  • Bottom layer – TOPICS: Each lesson, 4 topics/sentences/bullet points – that drive the lesson home!

The 3-5 steps need to tell a “major outcome’s” story, 4 lessons need to tell “the module’s” story, and 4 topics need to tell each lesson’s story!

Deciding on 3-5 major steps (Deliverables)

After you organize your topics, you will overview them and decide on 3-5 major categories/steps that they can go into – They all lead to achieving 1 major outcome.

For each of the steps – deliverables, you will write out:

  • A “mini-outcome” (problem-solution): Example: Exercise and workout
  • Sexier name for the Bundle: Example: 20-min daily Fat-burning workouts that are enjoyable and proven to burn fat
  • Solution value: $699 value **

Now, decide on your 3-5 transformational steps, and write them out:

  • Step 1:
    • Module outcome:
    • Deliverable “bundle” name:
    • Solution value:
  • Step 2:
    • Module outcome:
    • Deliverable “bundle” name:
    • Solution value:
  • Step 3:
    • Module outcome:
    • Deliverable “bundle” name:
    • Solution value:
  • Step 4:
    • Module outcome:
    • Deliverable “bundle” name:
    • Solution value:
  • Step 5:
    • Module outcome:
    • Deliverable “bundle” name:
    • Solution value:

Later, we are going to use Bundle names as Our Offer Value Stack Deliverables.

Expanding each step into lessons

After you are satisfied with your 3-step course outline, we will need to expand each of the steps – modules, into 4-main lessons that will drive each module home.

For the lessons, we will use the topics that we wrote out in the previous module! By doing that you will be expanding your course outline.

With this task, you will need to be a little creative!

  • Module 1:
    • Lesson 1:
    • Lesson 2:
    • Lesson 3:
    • Lesson 4:
  • Module 2:
    • Lesson 5:
    • Lesson 6:
    • Lesson 7:
    • Lesson 8:
  • Module 3:
    • Lesson 9:
    • Lesson 10:
    • Lesson 11:
    • Lesson 12:



It's not about "how can YOU get more clients!?" - It's about "How can THEY find/get YOU"!

Expanding lessons into topics

After you complete expanding all the modules into 4 lessons each, the next step will be to create 4 topics/sentences/bullet points for each lesson.

The lessons expanded into 4 topics will be your presentation “slides”!

They can also include “tasks to do” and explanations of how to do them.

  • Lesson:
    • Topic bullet point 1
    • Topic bullet point 2
    • Topic bullet point 3
    • Topic bullet point 4

By completing this task, you have now expanded your structured course transformational outline.

You can work with your first few clients through this outline 1-1 at first, and then later record the videos, and create an online course membership site where your students will be able to study it passively.

Creating a video course and a course membership platform

Creating a higher valued package/offer

After you have created your course (or a course outline to begin with), you will need to decide on your offer – a package of inclusions through which you will work with a client!

  • “Value-stack” of deliverables
  • Course curriculum/structured outline (Video recordings)
  • Workbook, worksheets
  • 8x 1-1 weekly coaching/support sessions
  • (Weekly group mastermind calls)
  • FB group community

You will put a price-point on it. I will want you to aim that you charge a high-price to your clients. The middle ground price that someone should pay you to achieve [the major outcome] working with you is $2000 (between $1k-$3k).

Creating a video course and a course membership platform

Also, think about a payment plan that you can provide people with, so it’s easier for some of them to afford your services (make sure that they overpay a few hundred dollars.

I provide my clients with an A4 offer presentation document that they fill in, so they can present their clients with a written offer proposal. I thought of sharing it with you as well. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

And if you would like to learn how to get more clients for your new coaching program, read this article where I teach you the complete online marketing and sales approach.


Hopefully, you found this article helpful, and will move you one step closer to becoming a highly-paid online coach.

I do teach and practice this process more in-depth as part of my Premium Life Accelerator program.

And if you would like to watch a Free Masterclass Video where I teach you how to become a highly paid online coach with sold-out courses – access it here.

Thanks for reading this article.

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